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Campus Life

Team Member Spotlight | Joe Ferrer, Managing Director

Joe Ferrer, the Managing Director for the School of Nursing Education Technology Department, shares insights about what it's like to work at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Team Member Spotlight | Julie Garza, Clinical Department Administrator

Julie Garza, the Clinical Department Administrator for the Department of Family Medicine at the Permian Basin, shares her experiences as a TTUHSC team member.

Team Member Spotlight | Devona Smith, Senior Director, Human Resources

Devona Smith, Senior Director of Human Resources at the TTUHSC campus in Amarillo, shares insights from her career of 20+ years (and counting) at TTUHSC.

Team Member Spotlight | Deshun Avery, Senior Advocate, People and Values

Deshun Avery shares his experiences as a team member at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Separate Teams, Shared Vision

TTUHSC’s Department of Human Resources and Office of People and Values now function independently—but work together to fulfill shared goals

Showcasing TTUHSC’s Values-Based Culture

Highlighting some of the individuals who have been recognized by others within the TTUHSC community for upholding the university’s values-based culture while shaping the future of health care for our institution.

Beyond Service: How Defining Moments Impact Culture

Culture begins with relationships. In organizations where relationships lack trust, communication and direction, the culture produces an environment that is difficult to function in. We can create positive workplace cultures by adopting a beyond-service mindset.