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Examining Choices for Better Health

TTUHSC School of Nursing announced the establishment of the TTUHSC Center for Nursing Research, Collaboration and Innovation on March 27.

TTUHSC’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Hosts 36th Student Research Week

Students scientists participated in the 36th Annual Student Research Week, hosted by the TTUHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Feb. 28-March 1.

TTUHSC Commercial Venture TKQuant Receives European Patent

TKQuant LLC, a company formed through TTUHSC, was awarded the European patent for Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Rumbaugh Named Fellow by American Academy of Microbiology

Kendra Rumbaugh, Ph.D., a professor in the TTUHSC School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery, was named as one of the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM) 65 new Fellows for 2024.

Almodóvar Receives NIH Grant to Study Pulmonary Hypertension in HIV Patients

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the NIH recently awarded Sharilyn Almodóvar, Ph.D., a four-year, $2.67 million grant to study how the HIV virus damages the normal interactions between different cell types in the lung arteries that lead to the condition.

TTUHSC Medical Student Part of NIH Research Team’s JAMA Publication

Luis Castro, a student at the TTUHSC School of Medicine and the Julia Jones Matthews School of Population and Public Health, was part of a research team whose work was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

NIH Grant to Aid Rumbaugh’s Biofilm Dispersal Research

Kendra Rumbaugh, Ph.D., a professor in the TTUHSC School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery, was awarded a two-year, $434,938 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH.

TTUHSC Researcher Studies the Ability of Brine Shrimp to Thrive in High Salinity

A research team led by Pablo Artigas, Ph.D., from the School of Medicine’s Department of Cell Physiology and Molecular Biophysics and Center for Membrane Protein Research, examined how special sodium pump molecules adapt to high-salt environments.

Reddy Elected Fellow by the National Academy of Inventors

P. Hemachandra Reddy, Ph.D., a professor in the TTUHSC School of Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine, recently was named to the 2023 class of Fellows for the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

TTUHSC Researcher to Study New Pathway to Inhibit Protein Found in Many Cancers

The NIH National Cancer Institute recently awarded a two-year, $153,000 grant to Andrey Karamyshev, Ph.D., from the TTUHSC School of Medicine.

TTUHSC’s ARPA-H Membership Will Spur Innovation, Improve Access for West Texas Patients

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) is seeking to take groundbreaking ideas from the drawing board to the patient, and TTUHSC will be part of the effort.

TTUHSC’s La-Beck to Use NIH Grant to Study Cancer Drug Delivery Via Nanoparticles

Ninh (Irene) La-Beck, Pharm.D., with the TTUHSC Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy, received a five-year, $2.49 million grant to investigate how nanoparticles interact with the immune system and cancer.

TTUHSC’s Wilkerson to Investigate Links Between Pain and Basal Sex Hormone Levels

To help investigate the influence basal sex hormone alterations may have on chronic post-op pain, the NIH recently awarded a grant to Jenny Wilkerson, Ph.D., from the Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy.

School of Health Professions Student Primary Author of Collaborative Journal Publication

Vaishnavi Chiddarwar, a Ph.D. student in the Rehabilitation Science program, and a research team from Australia published a collaborative study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Presidents’ Innovative Startup Awards $100,000 to Early-Stage Businesses

TTU’s Innovation Hub at Research Park has announced the winners of the 2023 Presidents’ Innovative Startup awards, with seven early-stage companies earning $100,000 in total awards.

New Specimen Collection System Enhances Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Samuel Prien, Ph.D., and Lindsay Penrose, Ph.D., from TTUHSC's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, have worked for years to develop a specimen collection cup that creates a more favorable environment for sperm.

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Awards Grants to Four TTUHSC Researchers

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) recently awarded grants to four researchers from the TTUHSC. Combined, the grants will provide nearly $2.3 million.

TTUHSC Teams Complete National I-Corps™ Training Program

The Innovation Hub near the TTUHSC Lubbock campus offers ongoing opportunities whereby faculty form teams eager to learn how to take an innovation from the bench to the marketplace.

TTUHSC Study Explores Intricacies of Healthy Brain Aging

TTUHSC School of Medicine researchers delved into the intricate interplay of biological, psychosocial and environmental factors that may influence healthy cognitive aging.

TTUHSC Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Address Preeclampsia Rates

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded a two-year, $1.47 million grant to a new local research coalition led by Christine Garner, Ph.D., R.D., Julie St. John, Dr.P.H., and Stephanie Stroever, Ph.D., MPH.