Team Member Spotlight | Joe Ferrer, Managing Director

With five campuses stretching across 108 counties in West Texas and beyond, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is a diverse and complex institution, and our success is due in no small part to our exceptional team members. 

At TTUHSC, everyone plays a vital role. Being part of the TTUHSC team means being part of a supportive community where you can grow and thrive in a values-based culture that puts people first. As ambassadors of our mission and culture, our incredible team members go above and beyond every day in exemplifying our values: Beyond Service, Kindhearted, Integrity, One Team, and Visionary. We are excited to share their stories.


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Joe Ferrer

Meet Joe Ferrer, Managing Director for the School of Nursing Education Technology Department

How long have you worked at TTUHSC, and what is your role?
I started in January 2000. I am currently Managing Director for the TTUHSC School of Nursing Education Technology Department. Prior, I was with the Libraries for 11 years.

How did you come to work at TTUHSC? Can you tell us about your career journey to (or within) our institution?
In 1999, I had a rollerblading mishap and had physical therapy at TTUHSC; part of the physical therapy was to walk the perimeter. I saw a job posting for ‘Web Designer’ on the HR bulletin board. On a whim, I applied and was hired at the interview! I also worked for TTUHSC as a student assistant for a bit in the early 90s. I knew early on–this was a great place to work!

What do you enjoy about your work, or what excites you most about your job?
I feel a sense of accomplishment, enjoy the team atmosphere, and especially enjoy being part of a constantly evolving profession. Also, from my first year here and every year since, it has been rewarding to watch students graduate and then see or hear about those former students doing their thing in the workforce! I am proud to say that we had an essential role in that person’s education, whether directly or indirectly.

Which of the values (One Team, Kindhearted, Integrity, Visionary, and Beyond Service) is most integral to your job or team? Why?
If I had to pick just one, it would be One Team. Nurses, by their very nature, are compassionate people, which makes for an enjoyable work environment and team atmosphere.

How would you describe the culture at TTUHSC?

Whether it be learning, teaching, healing, or discovery, what we do here is for ‘the greater good’ of society. You can’t say that about many places.

What do you enjoy most about Lubbock, and what makes you proud to call West Texas home?
The space, the friendliness, and the people, of course! Most importantly, this is where I met my wife, Geraldine. Lubbock is where most of my family lives and where my dear friends come home to. West Texas is where I feel most at ease, and it is my comfort zone; you are never far from a friend.

What do you wish more people knew about your team or department, or our institution?
The TTUHSC School of Nursing Education Technology team has a broad range of expertise, from professionally certified staff to doctoral-level experts in technology and education. Our department has been a place for team members to flourish, become leaders, and make a difference. 

What most excites you about the future at TTUHSC?
The pandemic resulted in a paradigm shift in how educators will teach in the future. I am excited to see how TTUHSC will continue to lead, provide, and evolve. Everyone working their best individually while being invariably aware of the collective. 

What would you tell people who are considering a position at TTUHSC?
Do it! It will be the best place you will ever work.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
The last year has underscored how incredibly privileged we are to work at TTUHSC. I have a refreshed appreciation for my colleagues and our institution.


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