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Transition to Fall May Have Some People Feeling the Blues

The transition into fall can lead to a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a low level of depression that's common in the northern hemisphere during this time of year.

Covenant Children’s and Texas Tech Physicians Host Tour of the Covenant Children’s Relational Health Center

Thursday, Oct. 12, Covenant Children’s and Texas Tech Physicians provided a tour of the region’s first outpatient relational health center at Covenant Children’s hospital.

TTUHSC Garrison Institute on Aging Hosts Alzheimer’s Awareness Symposium

To spotlight and address the challenges posed by this disease, the TTUHSC Garrison Institute on Aging will host several events in November as part of National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month.

Fall Festivities and Feasts: Is Your Gallbladder Trying to Tell You Something?

Justin Vaughan, M.D., a surgeon at TTUHSC, said if you’ve ever felt intermittent pain in your upper right abdomen after eating a second deep-fried Twinkie or an extra spicy chili cheese dog, you may need to be more aware of this small but mighty organ.

Protect Your Eyes During the Annular Eclipse

Kelly Mitchell, M.D., Texas Tech Physicians ophthalmologist, offered tips on enjoying the celestial event without damaging your eyes.

Youth Suicide: We Need to Address It

Natalie Scanlon, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Physicians, provides tips for keeping children safe.

The Sobering Reality of Binge Drinking Among College Students

Students who drink alcohol at parties at the start of the school year, especially freshmen, may be particularly vulnerable to heavy drinking binges.

Back-to-School Self-Care and Wellness

Going back to school brings about a whirlwind of emotions, both for parents and kids.

Feeling Tired? Don’t Consume More Caffeine or Take Study Drugs

David Edwards, M.D., a family medicine physician at Texas Tech Physicians, said without a good night’s rest, college students are more likely to rely on caffeine and other substances to get them through the day.

Feeling More Confident in a New Job or Career

Logan Winkelman, Ph.D., assistant professor and program director in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at TTUHSC, uses her background as a career counselor to help those starting a new job or internship feel more confident.

Building a Better Telehealth Experience

TTUHSC Managed Care team is at the forefront of pioneering efficient and cost-effective telehealth solutions that guarantee the same level of health care quality, both online and in person.

Promoting Staff Mental Health in a Challenging Environment

The mental health of TTUHSC’s Managed Care staff is of utmost importance, especially considering the high-stress environments they often encounter, such as crisis management and the diagnostic and psychiatric evaluation (D&E) processes.

High Temperatures Can Impact Patients Taking Medications

Extreme heat is one of the most common and preventable weather-related causes of death in the United States, so people need to know the signs and symptoms of heat-related stress, especially if someone is taking medication.

Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

The future of healthcare quality involves a delicate dance between digital advancements and quality improvement, with patient safety as a top priority.

Summer Safety Tips

Brian Kendall, M.D., TTUHSC assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, said it’s no coincidence that serious trauma and injury cases usually spike during the season that most of us associate with rest and recreation.

TTUHSC Dermatologist Discusses Misconceptions Regarding Skin Cancer

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center dermatologist Michelle Tarbox, M.D., addresses some common misconceptions about skin cancer.

Take Out the Trash

When thinking about our wellness, what typically comes to mind are the things we need to add to our daily routines – things like exercise, mindfulness, more fruits and vegetables, and time-management strategies.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The rose is one of the most valued and beloved flowers. People often give roses to the people they deeply love or care about.

Coping with Less than Ideal Circumstances

Expectations, hopes and dreams: we all have them and most of us work hard to fulfill them. Often our efforts are rewarded and our expectations are met.

Time Management Is Stress Management

Many things in life occur in pairs: for example, peanut butter and jelly, sun and sand, shirts and slacks, and wind and rain. When it comes to our wellness, two things that go together are time management and stress management.