Texas Tech Physicians Announces Website Redesign

TTUHSC Experts Give Insight into New User Experience

Three screens - iphone, tablet, desktop - displaying the Texas Tech Physicians Website

This May, Texas Tech Physicians announced the launch of its newly redesigned website. Built on a foundation of user experience and industry trend data, the new site offers an improved patient experience online.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy Amanda Graham and Assistant Director of Digital Engagement Mary Moore have been an essential part of the site’s journey, from data collection to ensuring streamlined access to resources for patients. By answering a few general questions, these experts shed light on what this website redesign means, why it’s important for the community and what patients and users can expect from their online experience, now and into the future. 

Why was a redesign necessary?

AG: The previous Texas Tech Physicians site was almost 10 years old and had significant limitations on how it could support the overall design and experience we delivered online. We actually started planning for this rebuild in 2019, but the pandemic required a pause in the process. 

In the midst of that time, we restructured our digital team and refocused on user experience design. By the fall of 2022, we were ready to start the research that would inform the new site design and development. 

Looking back now, I’m really glad we had the chance to build the amazing team that made this all happen before restarting the project.

What is different about the new website?

MM: The site has been completely reimagined with the driving goal of being visually inviting and functionally easy to use with minimal clicks. In other words, we took the findings from user testing research on the old site and let that drive both the design and organization of information on the site.

How were the changes to design/organization chosen?

AG: It was really important to me and our team that we make decisions about the site that were data-informed and put the experience of our patients as health consumers top-of-mind when designing the site. 

We also wanted to make sure our new site fully leveraged the Texas Tech Physicians brand identity and could evolve as our practice grows. Each change, development and upgrade was made with those things in mind.

Should patients expect changes in booking appointments or accessing their information?

MM: With the launch of the new site, appointment booking and access to information has not changed. Patients should continue to utilize their patient portal as needed and can request appointments online by visiting the appointments request page for their city. 

They can request by submitting an online form or call directly to make an appointment. Again, we want this to be as easy as possible for a patient’s preferred method.

How will the telehealth experience be different?

AG: Texas Tech Physicians has steadily increased its telehealth capabilities since the 1980s with significant strides over the past five years, so patients are using the same platforms they’re already familiar with for their telehealth appointments. 

However, with TTUHSC’s commitment to increasing patient access through the Institute of Telehealth and Digital Innovation, we wanted to make it even easier to find access points to care with the design of this site as a central point in patients’ online journeys.

So much work has already gone into the site’s redesign. What additional changes can we expect in the future?

AG: As with any digital project, the work is never done. We have planned enhancements for the provider directory in coming months and anticipate opportunities for additional revisions.

MM: Anytime we have the opportunity to make a significant enhancement for the population we serve, we take to heart the importance of the end result. Patients need to be able to access information and their care team with minimal friction. 

The number of teams and team members who played a role in bringing this site to our patients is vast, and it could not have happened without every single person doing their very best. We are very proud and grateful to be part of such an incredible team.

Texas Tech Physicians officially launched the redesigned site on May 7. Visit texastechphysicians.com for the new digital experience.

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