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October 2017 Archive

Flu season is coming fast, get your vaccinations early

Flu season is here. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu kills about 36,000 people a year in the United States. With Flu activity beginning to increase in October and peaking between December and March, Franklyn C. Babb, M.D., FAAFP, a physician for Texas Tech Physicians — Family Medicine, said don’t make excuses not to get your flu vaccine.

This Halloween, Goggles for All

All grown up, and now an ophthalmologist, I would dearly love to hand out something else besides candy to every family stopping by our house. Not to the little ones, mind you – they’re still getting well-earned Snickers. Everybody else, however, will be receiving a lovely pair of safety goggles. We aren’t talking the slick looking Bono style glasses that barely cover your eyes. I mean true goggles, suctioned on to your face 360 degrees around those cherished eyeballs.


Surgeons provide free hernia screening

The TTUHSC-Amarillo Department of Surgery teamed up with Northwest Texas Hospital on Sept. 23 to provide no-cost hernia screenings for area patients. Surgeons Darren Peterson, M.D., and LaJohn Quigley, M.D., said more than 20 area people attended the event.

More medicines, new screening tools gaining traction in breast cancer treatment

New treatments and screening tools are enabling patients with Breast Cancer to show improvements in survival by about 10 months. Texas Tech Physicians share these cutting edge tools and how it is changing care for their patients.