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October 2017 Archive

School of Pharmacy researchers pick up NIH renewal grant

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded a grant to a pair of TTUHSC faculty scientists in Amarillo who will continue their investigation into the health effects of electronic cigarettes.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Researchers Use a Pump-induced Disease to Define Underlying Molecular Mechanism

Researchers at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) investigated a pump-induced disease and defined the molecular mechanism that triggers it. The study, “On the effect of hyperaldosteronism-inducing mutations in Na/K pumps,” was published in the October issue of the Journal of General Physiology.

October an important month for Pharmacy Practice faculty

October was a noteworthy month for several Department of Pharmacy Practice faculty members from TTUHSC’s School of Pharmacy.

This Halloween, Goggles for All

All grown up, and now an ophthalmologist, I would dearly love to hand out something else besides candy to every family stopping by our house. Not to the little ones, mind you – they’re still getting well-earned Snickers. Everybody else, however, will be receiving a lovely pair of safety goggles. We aren’t talking the slick looking Bono style glasses that barely cover your eyes. I mean true goggles, suctioned on to your face 360 degrees around those cherished eyeballs.