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In the Right Place at the Right Time

Athletic trainer's years of CPR knowledge and quick thinking saved a man's life during a football game.

Allied Health Sciences Professor Does Double Duty

Military veteran and professor reflects on his time in service to students and his country.

Community Bikes for Burns

Annual charity bike ride and run raises money for burn patients in Lubbock.

University Sets Enrollment Record

Fall 2011 enrollment is up 11 percent over last year.

We the People...

TTUHSC celebrates Constitution Day with annual lunch and lecture.

Now You're Talking: Researcher Unravels How Children Learn to Speak

Assistant professor investigates how bilingual children learn two different languages at once.

School Producing Valuable Allies for Patients

The School of Allied Health Sciences makes strides in enrollment and test taking.

Back to School? Don't Forget Your Child's Health

As a new school year approaches, we are reminded of the importance of proper immunization and have an opportunity to get up-to-date on Aug. 5.

Beyond Aphasia: Understanding an Unknown Disorder

During June, increase your knowledge of a disease that affects more than 1 million Americans yet remains unfamiliar to most.

Hearing Voices

A simulated schizophrenia exercise at the F. Marie Hall SimLife Center gives future health care professionals a better understanding of the disorder.

And the Award Goes to...

As a new group of health care professionals were welcomed into their respective fields, a select few graduates received special recognition.

The Father of Aerobics to Address New Health Care Professionals

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., founder and chairman of the Cooper Aerobics Center, will welcome graduates into the field of health care on Saturday.

The Kid's Speech: Summer Camp Focuses on Improving Communication Skills

Lubbock preschool and school-age school children have the opportunity to continue expanding their communication skills in a fun, interactive way this summer.