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July 2020 Archive

Celebrating Future Physicians with a Parade

More than 160 medical students took part in the School of Medicine Welcome Parade.

Why Rehabilitation Scientists Use Person First Language

Person first language is vital to patient-centered care and advocacy in rehabilitation sciences like physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology.

Vitamin Exposures on the Rise in Texas

Vitamin exposure calls are on in the increase in Texas. Texas Poison Centers have seen a 55% increase in exposures to pediatric vitamins, a 35 percent increase in human exposure calls to vitamins overall and a more than 24 percent increase in exposure to melatonin calls from March through June of this year.

An Advocate for the Nursing Student

Assistant professor Terry Hill shares experiences that have shaped his role as an educator, including his time spent working in flight nursing and emergency medicine.

Caring For Reusable Face Coverings

Ramachandra Chemitiganti, M.D., spoke with us about the importance of wearing face coverings and how to properly maintain and clean reusable and homemade masks.

Innovations in Hearing Aids: Bluetooth and Beyond

Audiologists trained at TTUHSC help people with hearing loss optimize the quality of their hearing and enhance their wellbeing.

Study Suggests Increased Risks for COVID-19 Patients Who Smoke, Vape

Luca Cucullo, Ph.D., and TTUHSC graduate research assistant Sabrina Rahman Archie reviewed the role smoking and vaping may play in the cerebrovascular and neurological dysfunction of those who contract the virus.

Face Masks and Face Coverings: Do They Work in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, much debate has surrounded the use of masks and face coverings. Let’s put this debate to an end.

Breaking Out of the Spiral of Addiction Through Mental Health Counseling

A licensed mental health counselor can help individuals break the cycle of addiction by learning how to live well.

Easing Children Into Mask-Wearing Habits

Even with parents paving the way to a “new normal,” it’s inevitable that many children will feel lost in this new era of uncertainty. The steady increase of reported cases raises concerns about public outings of all kinds⁠—and while some plans can be canceled, doctors’ appointments remain paramount as the entire community strives for continued health and wellness. Fortunately, health care providers take COVID-19 precautions seriously and aim to support patients both at home and in the waiting room.