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April 2020 Archive

Boosting Your Career With a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

A master’s in mental health counseling gives you the opportunity to earn marketable skills and perfect the skills you need to be a mental health counselor.

How Does COVID-19 Affect Pregnancy and Childbirth?

With the world continuing to adjust to life under the COVID-19 pandemic, many expectant mothers are understandably anxious about how the virus could affect their pregnancies, their hospital and clinic visits, and first days of parenthood.

Changing the Landscape of Health Care in West Texas

Residents of rural areas face a wide range of health care challenges. Learn how the TTUHSC School of Medicine is training doctors to provide care to those who need it most.

Standing Together: TTUHSC Students Team With Lubbock County Medical Society to Collect, Donate PPE

Due to COVID-19, it’s quiet on the campuses of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)—but students are still working hard to do their part in this critical time.

Skip the Waiting Room: Texas Tech Physicians Transitions to New Virtual Options

One of the primary issues currently taking new shape is maintaining good health. Like many areas across the nation, West Texas aims to create a united front, dedicated to staying healthy and abiding by CDC-issued regulations in order to keep one another safe and alleviate some of the overwhelming work that presently faces the health care workforce.

What is a Physician Assistant?

Physician assistants have been helping patients for more than 50 years. This profession continues to adapt to the changing health care needs of today.

TTUHSC Team Successfully Produces Viral Transport Media for COVID-19 Testing

A challenge for the medical professionals across the country battling COVID-19 has been readily available testing components. In Amarillo, in particular, physicians faced a lack of commercially available viral transport media (VTM) testing vials.

TTUHSC Team Decontaminates PPE to Solve Shortages

One suggested way to reduce the stress COVID-19 has placed on the PPE supply chain is to extend the lifetime of existing equipment. With that in mind, a team from TTUHSC has been studying a method that can decontaminate used PPE, especially N95 masks and face shields.

Getting a Second Degree or Certificate in Clinical Lab Science

A second bachelor’s degree in clinical lab science can open new career options. These health professionals use complex lab techniques to diagnose and treat patients.

Adherence to Mitigation Strategies Crucial as Manufacturers Struggle to Keep Up

While COVID-19 has caught America off-guard in many ways, one of the most significant is our nation-wide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE)—something that is already affecting West Texas.