June 2023 Archive

Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

The future of healthcare quality involves a delicate dance between digital advancements and quality improvement, with patient safety as a top priority.

TTUHSC-TTU Research Collaboration Leads to Possible Drug Targets for Leishmaniasis

As many as 1 million new Leishmaniasis cases are diagnosed each year and more than 350 million people are at risk of infection. Some forms of the disease also have emerged in Mexico and Texas in recent years.

Summer Safety Tips

Brian Kendall, M.D., TTUHSC assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, said it’s no coincidence that serious trauma and injury cases usually spike during the season that most of us associate with rest and recreation.

TTUHSC Dermatologist Discusses Misconceptions Regarding Skin Cancer

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center dermatologist Michelle Tarbox, M.D., addresses some common misconceptions about skin cancer.

Learning Management Systems and the Future of Digital Learning

With the advent of digital learning platforms and the integration of sophisticated LMS, education is entering a new era that promises enhanced accessibility, personalized instruction and collaborative learning opportunities.

Take Out the Trash

When thinking about our wellness, what typically comes to mind are the things we need to add to our daily routines – things like exercise, mindfulness, more fruits and vegetables, and time-management strategies.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The rose is one of the most valued and beloved flowers. People often give roses to the people they deeply love or care about.

Coping with Less than Ideal Circumstances

Expectations, hopes and dreams: we all have them and most of us work hard to fulfill them. Often our efforts are rewarded and our expectations are met.

Time Management Is Stress Management

Many things in life occur in pairs: for example, peanut butter and jelly, sun and sand, shirts and slacks, and wind and rain. When it comes to our wellness, two things that go together are time management and stress management.

Texas Tech Health Check Celebrates 100th Episode

Texas Tech Health Check, a podcast produced by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, will celebrate its 100th episode with a special hosted by TTUHSC President Lori Rice-Spearman, Ph.D.