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May 2020 Archive

Texas Tech Physicians Doctors Make "Top Docs" Lists

This year, more than 100 Texas Tech Physicians doctors were recognized by fellow area physicians as being among the best in their field and included in Amarillo Magazine’s and Lubbock Magazine's "Top Docs" lists.

Preventing Anxiety When Discussing COVID-19 With Your Child

No parent wants to inspire anxiety in their child, and updates occur so regularly that it can be hard to know what is relevant to children and what is too much information. Finding balance in this can be difficult, leaving mothers and fathers asking the question: how do I talk to my child about COVID-19, and how much should they know?

Mental Health During COVID-19: A Focus on The Elderly

While much attention has been focused on maintaining physical health and safety, health professionals are also expressing increasing concern for mental health as stay-at-home orders, social distancing and general isolation continues in various forms across the globe.

Texas Tech Physicians Psychiatry Partners with Covenant Health to Provide New Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Clinic

For those struggling with chemical dependency, making a step towards treatment can be challenging and often filled with uncertainty. Texas Tech Physicians Psychiatry has partnered with Covenant Health to offer a new Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Clinic (IOP).