TPPC Concludes Spring Medication Cleanout® Cycle

Spring Brings Three Successful Medication Cleanout Events

cars using a drive through system to dispose of old medication safely

Managed by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy, the Texas Panhandle Poison Center (TPPC) hosted three Spring Medication Cleanout™ events in Abilene, Amarillo and Lubbock over the past few weeks.

medication cleanout event in Abilene

Medication Cleanout event in Abilene on April 9

These events employ a drive-thru, drop-off format that allows residents to conveniently dispose of their medications without leaving their cars.

Across the three locations, many volunteers assisted with this critical service, including staff from TPPC, the Texas Tech University (TTU) Police Department and the Department of Community, Family and Addiction Services at the TTU College of Human Sciences. Pre-pharmacy students from TTU and students from the TTUHSC Schools of Pharmacy and Nursing also volunteered for the event.

Medication Cleanout event in Amarillo March 19

Medication Cleanout event in Amarillo March 19

This program helps the TPPC take a proactive approach to safeguarding communities by providing a free and convenient way for people to dispose of medications in a legal and environmentally sound manner, as well as providing disposal services for syringes and sharps.

The collections yielded impressive results, with a combined 1,622 pounds of medications and sharps in Amarillo, 700 pounds of medication and 90 sharps collected from a total of 226 cars in Abilene, and 1,498 pounds of medication and 143 sharps collected in Lubbock.

More information on the bi-annual collection cycle is available on the Medication Cleanout® website.

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