More than 100 Texas Tech Physician Doctors Make “Top Docs” List

Top Docs

This year, more than 100 Texas Tech Physicians doctors were recognized by fellow area physicians as the best in their field. Twenty-eight Texas Tech Physicians doctors from the Amarillo clinics were selected for Amarillo Magazine’s “Top Docs” and seventy-three Texas Tech Physicians from the Lubbock clinics were selected for Lubbock Magazine’s “Top Docs.”
This recognition honors physicians for exceptional efforts in their practices. Area physicians were asked to consider “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?” Physicians from many departments were selected based on peer evaluation.
Congratulations to each Texas Tech Physician doctor who was selected for 2019! For more information on each physician or to schedule an appointment, please visit the Texas Tech Physicians website.


Top Docs

Srilatha Alapati M.D.
Teresa Baker M.D.
George Barnett M.D.
Ravindra Bharadwaj M.D.
Smita Bhaskaran M.D.
Karen Cutts, M.D.
Ellen Hampsten M.D.
Heather Holmes M.D.
Michael Jenkins M.D.
Bharat Khandheria M.D.
Alison Lunsford M.D.
Scott Milton M.D.
Tarek Naguib M.D.
Mubariz Naqvi M.D.
Muhammad Nazim M.D.
Izi Obokhare M.D.
Manish Patel M.D.
Ferdinand Rico M.D.
Evelyn Sbar, M.D.
Kaylee Shepherd M.D.
John Slaton D.O.
Hena Tewari M.D.
Tetyana Vasylyeva M.D.
Thien Vo M.D.
Whit Walker M.D.
Jack Waller M.D.
Harold Werner M.D.
Kishore Yalamanchili M.D.
Rodney Young M.D.

Lubbock Top Docs


Mohamad Al-Rahawan M.D.
Charla Allen M.D.
Patricia Aristimuno M.D.
Amir Aryaie M.D.
Franklyn Babb M.D.
Cody Beaver M.D.
Jose Beceiro M.D.
Audra Bowman M.D.
George Brindley M.D.
Steven Brooks M.D.
Tammy Camp M.D.
Cyrus Caroom M.D.
Marina Chavez M.D.
Ronald Cook D.O.
Joehassin Cordero M.D.
Summer Davies M.D.
Miles Day M.D.
John DeToledo M.D.
Michel Diab M.D.
Sharmila Dissanaike M.D.
Dale Dunn M.D.
Kenn Freedman M.D.
Stephen Gates M.D.
John Griswold M.D.
Fred Hardwicke M.D.
Jamie Haynes M.D.
Allan Haynes, Jr. M.D.
Benjamin Hirsch M.D.
Sarah Hosford M.D.
Winslo Idicula M.D.
Ebtesam Islam M.D.
Mark Jenkins M.D.
Leigh Ann Jenkins M.D.
Lara Johnson M.D.
Robert Johnston M.D.
Cynthia Jumper M.D.
Richard Lampe M.D.
Fatma Levent M.D.
Brendan MacKay M.D.
David McCartney M.D.
Desirae McKee M.D.
Terry McMahon M.D.
Jennifer Mitchell M.D.
Kelly Mitchell M.D.
Felix Morales M.D.
Lesley Motheral M.D.
Tam Nguyen M.D.
Kenneth Nugent M.D.
Edwin Onkendi M.D.
Ralph Paone M.D.
Alan Peiris M.D.
Michael Phy D.O.
Jennifer Phy D.O.
Catherine Ronaghan M.D.
Dixon Santana M.D.
Alan Santos M.D.
Ariel Santos M.D.
Pranav Sharma M.D.
Scott Shurmur M.D.
Jordan Simpson M.D.
Cynthia Smith M.D.
Cloyce Stetson M.D.
Ashley Sturgeon M.D.
James Tarbox M.D.
Michelle Tarbox M.D.
Amy Thompson M.D.
Sarah Wakefield M.D.
Larry Warmoth M.D.
John Wasnick M.D.
Vernon Williams M.D.
Richard Winn M.D.
Edward Yeomans M.D.
Mimi Zumwalt M.D.

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