SGA Team Sets Goals for the New School Year

Student Government

The new school year signals a fresh start for Student Government Association (SGA) executive officers looking to represent Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC).

President—Tobi Saliu, second-year medical student from Little Elm, Texas.
Vice President of Finance—Peyton Presto, Ph.D. medical student from Cullman, Alabama.
Vice President of Communications—Emily Hecox, second-year medical student from Schertz, Texas.
Vice President of Operations—Katerina Kellar, third-year medical student from Bulverde, Texas.

Each of the new executive officers said they joined SGA as a way to understand the student life of not just medical students but also from students in all schools at TTUHSC. “{I want} to see the dynamics among all the other schools,” said Saliu.

Hecox added that SGA allowed them to see the collaborative aspects TTUHSC can offer. “Health care is a team activity—you will not survive as a physician if you don't have researchers, nurses and all sorts of health care administration. You won't be able to do your job, and you won't be able to help your patients as much as possible without working as a team.”

As for their goals for upcoming year, SGA officers brought different ideas to help improve certain systems such as streamlined budget request forms, bringing awareness to mental health resources and making student feedback to administration a more visible option. However, one thing they all shared is instilling a better sense values-based culture in TTUHSC.

“The focus of the value-based culture is to develop the best health care provider that they can be, said Saliu. “If you value teamwork, if you are able to bring innovative ideas, and if you have those values in you, then you'll be solid.”

Their first meeting will begin on September 17 where they will hear TTUHSC students’ ideas on how to improve the school. 

  • Tobi Saliu
  • Emily Hecox
  • Peyton Presto
  • Katerina Kellar

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