Pharmacy Students, Faculty Participate in ACU’s Maker Fest

Abilene Maker FestSiva Koganti, Ph.D., an assistant professor for the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Abilene, and Sara Brouse, Abilene regional dean for the School of Pharmacy, led a group of pharmacy students who participated in the Maker Fest, an April 5 event organized by Abilene Christian University.

Koganti said the event allows participants to set up a booth and demonstrate how they make a specific product.

“We from the compound pharmacy lab interacted with the kids and made some simple non-medicated sugar syrup so they could taste different combinations of flavors and colors and decide the flavor they liked the most,” Koganti said. “Additionally, we made some lip balm, showed the kids intravenous calcium-phosphate incompatibility and allowed them to play with and use a mortar and pestle.”

Event participants from the School of Pharmacy included third-year (P3) student Caroline Gafford, P3 Le Nguyen(P3) and P2s Gilbert Aguirre, Yaze Li and Justin Langreck.

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