Faculty, students give back to the community at Dia de la Mujer

Day of the WomanAs a way to give back to the community, students and faculty from TTUHSC-Amarillo participated in Dia de la Mujer, a free-to-the-public health event organized specifically to address health concerns for Hispanic women and their families in the Texas Panhandle. The 2017 event took place Oct. 14 at the Amarillo Civic Center’s Heritage Room.

Dia de la Mujer, which translates to Day of the Woman, started in 2003. The event features doctors and students from TTUHSC in Amarillo who volunteer their time to check vital signs, conduct cholesterol and glucose screening, test blood and perform mammograms. The 2017 event also showcased vendors, education seminars, presentations and Zumba fitness.

Juan Garrido, M.D., from TTUHSC’s Department of Internal Medicine has participated in Dia de la Mujer for the last four years. In an interview with KFDA-TV, Garrido said the event allows him to share good information with the public regarding health issues. He said the positive feedback the event receives means the program is making a positive impact upon the community.

“If people are engaging in that way, it means we are providing them,” Garrido added. “We are sharing with them what they need; we are fulfilling their hearts.”


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  • Dia de la Mujer ("Day of the Woman') in Amarillo
  • Dia de la Mujer ("Day of the Woman') in Amarillo
  • Dia de la Mujer ("Day of the Woman') in Amarillo
  • Dia de la Mujer ("Day of the Woman') in Amarillo
  • Dia de la Mujer ("Day of the Woman') in Amarillo

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