School of Pharmacy presents annual awards

The School of Pharmacy held its annual Celebration of Achievement April 21 to recognize faculty and staff who have helped make the 2016-2017 school year a special one for students. Recipients included:


P1 Teacher of the Year

Nikita Mirajkar, Ph.D.


P1 Teaching Team of the Year

Russ Snyder, Ph.D.; Nikita Mirajkar, Ph.D.; Margaret Weis, Ph.D.; and Pratip Mitra, Ph.D., as members of the A&P I Team


P2 Teacher of the Year

Luca Cucullo, Ph.D.


P2 Teaching Team of the Year

Hal Miller, Ph.D.; Young Lee, Pharm.D.; Jennifer Grelle, Pharm.D.; Nadia German, Ph.D.; Xinli Liu, Ph.D.; Krystal Haase, Pharm.D.; and Taryn Bainum, Pharm.D., as members of the Infectious Diseases Team


P3 Teacher of the Year

Anna Karamyan, Ph.D.


P3 Teaching Team of the Year

Krystal Edwards, Pharm.D.; Brian Irons, Pharm.D.; Robin Black, Pharm.D.; Courtney Duvall, Pharm.D.; Ashley Higbea, Pharm.D.; Lisa Chastain, Pharm.D.; and Rebecca Schoen, Pharm.D., as members of the Advanced Patient Management in Ambulatory Care Team


Graduate Students’ Association at Amarillo (GSAA) Teacher of the Year

James Stoll, Ph.D.


GSAA Mentor of the Year

Constantinos Mikelis, Ph.D.


GSAA Teaching Team of the Year

Ulrich Bickel, Ph.D.; Luca Cucullo, Ph.D.; Vardan Karamyan, Ph.D.; Kalkunte Srivenugopal, Ph.D.; and Margaret Weis, Ph.D., as members of the Graduate Physiology-based Pharmacotherapy Team


GSAA Graduate Student of the Year

Benard Ogola, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Biomedical Sciences


Award of Excellence in Staff Services

Lisa Miller, Business Manager, Office of Sciences, Amarillo

Iverlyn Peng, Residency Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Dallas


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School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy was established in 1996 and now has campuses in Amarillo, Lubbock, Dallas and Abilene. Since its inception, the school has played a significant role in addressing the state's pharmacist shortage. Today, more than 90 percent of its graduates remain in Texas.

The school requires its students to complete more clinical training hours than any other pharmacy program in the country, making its students some of the most sought after graduates.