Making A Difference: The Free Clinic Extraordinary Volunteers

“During my third year, I volunteered as much as possible around my clinical duties and have loved every minute of it. Being at The Free Clinic not only allows me to practice my clinical skills in a real world setting, but it also provides a way for students to give back to our community by reaching out and providing medical services to those that otherwise might not have them.


It's easy to get caught up in our own lives during medical school. The Free Clinic is a place where I remember why I came to medical school in the first place. A place where I can use my education to help people that may not have the capacity to help themselves in this way. In addition, this year I have learned that I really enjoy passing on what clinical knowledge I have gained to the medical students in the years below me. Working with them is fun and teaching has been a surprising bright spot in my year.


Pattie Dushku, is a fourth-year medical student from Boise, Idaho. She hopes to apply for an Ob/Gyn residency in the fall. She has volunteered for The Free Clinic since her first year of medical school and also served on The Free Clinic student 2015-2016 leadership team.

pattie dushku

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