Years of Commitment and Hard Work Celebrated

After years of all-night study sessions, exams, clinical rotations and completing research projects, students from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) schools of medicine, nursing, allied health sciences, pharmacy and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, crossed their perspective stages to receive their diplomas.

TTUHSC President Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D., said commencement is an exciting time for faculty, students and family members.

“I have the honor of not only presiding over these ceremonies, but also witnessing the celebration of all their hard work,” Mitchell said. “These graduates have received an exceptional education and have endless possibilities of contributing to patient care and research across this country.”

Top Awards presented were:

School of Medicine
• The School of Medicine Gold Headed Cane Award — Krystine Guerra, M.D.
• Buesseler Student Award — Justin Berk, M.D./MBA
• Buesseler Faculty Award — Jim Hutson
• Dean’s Highest Academic Achievement Awards in the School of Medicine — Jennifer Wagner, M.D.
• Dean’s Recognition Award — Greg Anderson, M.D., and Tala Porter, M.D.
• Dean’s Special Recognition Award—Colby Ray, M.D.

School of Nursing
• Excellence in Nursing Award
DNP program — Rowena Yates, MSN NE-BC, CCRN
MSN program — Mika Polly, BSN, R.N.-BC
Second degree — Natalie Coburn, R.N., BSN, B.S.
R.N. to BSN — Lisa Moyers, R.N., BSN
Traditional BSN — Katie Blasingame

• Dean’s Award — Brandon Bredimus, R.N., BSN, Masters of Science in Nursing, Administration Track

School of Allied Health Sciences
• The School of Allied Health Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence-Graduate — Mallory McCart, Au.D.
• Dean’s Award for Excellence-Undergraduate — Sheryse Mobley, CLS
• Dean’s Award for Excellence-Research — Troy Hooper, Ph.D., R.S.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
• The Dean’s Recognition Award for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences — Lillian Ene, M.S.
• Outstanding Graduate Student — Nilesh Gupta, Ph.D.

School of Pharmacy
• The School of Pharmacy Bowl of Hygieia Award — Jordan Burdine
• WoltersKluwer Excellence in Clinical Communication Award — Telyssa Anderson
• Teva USA Outstanding Student Award — Saeed Alzghari
• Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award — Kyla Reed
• TTUHSC Pharmacy Communication Award — Michelle Castelli
• TTUHSC Pharmacy Patient Care Award — Jordan Burdine
• Natural Medicines Comprehensive Datatbase Recognition — Samantha Olsen
• Eli Lilly Acheivement Award — Julianne Yeary
• School of Pharmacy Geriatrics — Jessica Hunter
• School of Pharmacy Pedatrics — Jordan Burdine
• Banner Bearer — Steven Willis

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