TTUHSC Veterans Welcome Governor Perry to Lubbock Campus

Will Moody, Veterans Coordinator for the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and a Purple Heart Recipient, presented a TTUHSC military stole to Texas Governor Rick Perry on Wednesday to thank him for his support of veterans.

Moody, a native of Weatherford, Texas, was in the Army for five years and a military police officer in the 10th Mountain Division. He received his purple heart in Baghdad, Iraq when rocket propelled grenade struck his machine gun turret.

The governor also took time to meet with four veterans currently enrolled at TTUHSC and conversed with them about their military service and current fields of study.

• Allison Coltisor of Rocklin, CA - 1st Year School of Allied Health Sciences
• Johnathan Heller of Lubbock, TX - 2nd Year School of Medicine
• Jeremy Landvater of Cibolo, TX - 2nd Year School of Medicine
• John Chauncey of Lubbock, TX - 3rd Year School of Medicine

“I think it was great that the veteran student population was included in the governor’s visit,” Moody said. “The students were enthusiastic about their opportunity to meet with Governor Perry.”

The TTUHSC Veterans Affairs Office works with students who have served in the military as well as spouses and dependents of veterans. Currently, there are approximately 140 TTUHSC students who are veterans.

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