TTUHSC Honors School of Nursing Faculty

awards ceremony at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Due to COVID-19, this year's ceremony was presented virtually

Several Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Nursing faculty were awarded this year for their unparalleled contributions to medical education and patient care. Faculty members were presented with many prestigious awards, including the newly added DAISY Extraordinary Faculty award. 

The DAISY Award, formed in 2000, is an internationally recognized nurse award currently presented at many hospitals and schools of nursing across the globe. The founders of this award are the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at 33 of complications from an autoimmune disease called idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). Moved by the compassionate nurses who took care of Barnes, his family formed recognition programs to honor direct care nurses, nursing faculty and nursing students. The name “DAISY” stands for “diseases affecting the immune system.” Award recipients are chosen for their qualities as a role model in their profession, their enthusiasm for education, and their demonstrations of compassion in the field.

2020 has proven to individuals across the country that health care workers are invaluable to our society and often make daily sacrifices for the betterment of their communities. The health care workforce in West Texas would not be the resilient, innovative group that it is today without the help of TTUHSC’s School of Nursing faculty.

Find this year’s awards recipients below:

Student Government Association Faculty Awards Addendum:

Psychiatric-Mental Health NP Program 

  • Dr. Susan Calloway 

Accelerated BSN Program 

  • Diana Goodwin

BSN to DNP Family NP 

  • Dr. Grace Sun

Doctor of Nursing Practice Program 

  • Dr. Lisa Campbell

MSN Acute Care Pediatrics NP 

  • Julia Kuzin

MSN Administration 

  • Dr. Cindy Acton

MSN Acute-Gero Acute Care NP Program 

  • Dr. Tara Hilliard

MSN Education 

  • Dr. Laura Thomas

MSN Family NP 

  • LaMicha Hogan

MSN Informatics 

  • Dr. Susan McBride

MSN Nurse Midwifery 

  • Dr. Patricia Olenick

MSN Pediatric Primary Care NP 

  • Dr. Mercedes Day

RN to BSN 

  • Dr. Richard Pullen

Traditional BSN Level I 

  • Dr. Donna Paris

Traditional BSN Level II 

  • David Baba

Traditional BSN Level III 

  • Dr. Amy Owen

Traditional BSN Level IV 

  • Dr. Terry Hill


Faculty Development Awards:

The Faculty Development Awards Task Force consisted of 8 faculty members. They evaluated 17 nomination packets.

Exceptional Teaching Traditional 

  • Dr. Amy Boothe

Exceptional Teaching Non-Traditional

  • Dr. Kathleen Kearney

Exceptional Teaching Graduate 

  • Dr. Laura Thomas

Community Engagement 

  • Dr. Lisa Campbell

Novice Faculty 

  • Rebecca Clark

Novice Investigator 

  • Dr. Kyle Johnson

Research Achievement 

  • Dr. Sharon Cannon

Distinguished Clinician 

  • Dr. Steven Branham

Team Teaching:

  • Dr. Patti White
  • Morgan Ashley
  • Alison Barron
  • Debbie Casaus
  • Dr. Tammie Coffman
  • Dr. Terry Hill
  • Cindy Koonce
  • Melissa Leal
  • Mary Mwaur
  • Dr. Amy Owen
  • Brandy Pitts
  • Belen Ramirez
  • Sarah Shellenberger
  • Dr. Kathy Sridaromont
  • Brandi Sawyer 

The DAISY Extraordinary Faculty Award:

  • Dr. Kellie Bruce

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