Acknowledging and Celebrating Excellence - ACE Cards

Values Spotlight

ACE cards

At TTUHSC, we’re building a culture where employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions.

When it comes to our personal or professional happiness, there are simple, universal elements that hold true — one of which is the fundamental need to feel appreciated and valued.

TTUHSC has created a quick, easy and personal way for you to recognize coworkers for their contributions. ACE (Acknowledging and Celebrating Excellence) cards are complimentary note cards designed for you to show your appreciation for a job well done. Available in your local HR department, the ACE cards are note cards designed to show your appreciation can express recognition and thanks for tasks or projects that are executed well, or a general sense of appreciation for overall efforts. You may also order your own ACE cards by contacting the print shop and providing a FOAP.


Congratulations to these groups for embracing the values culture
and spreading appreciation with ACE cards.


Ronda Robertson, Brandi George, Formby/Wheeler

Rhonda Robertson and Brandi George


Amanda Nolen 

Amanda Nolen


Philip Salas, Paula Abney, Karen Morris, Ashley Saldana, Venita Hamilton

Philip Salas, Paula Abney, Karen Morris, Ashley Saldana and Venita Hamilton