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Former Dean’s Legacy Gift Helps LVNs Continue Their Education

Teddy Jones

Years ago, former TTUHSC School of Nursing Founding Dean and Professor Emerita Teddy Jones established the Mauryne Overbey Endowed Scholarship in honor of Jones’ mother.
She explains why she and her husband have always included bequests to certain charitable causes, including this one, in their wills:
“At that time, it was specifically to provide scholarship support to students who were licensed vocational nurses returning to seek a BSN,” Jones said. “My mother had entered nursing as a vocational nurse and then subsequently returned to earn an associate’s degree in nursing. Encouraging continued professional development has always been important to me. This gift will enhance the ability to continue aiding licensed vocational nurses pursuing the bachelor’s degree.
“When [TTUHSC School of Nursing] Dean Michael Evans invited the previous deans to join him in creating legacy gifts, I agreed. This annuity seemed a good way to accomplish that purpose, rather than simply including it in the will.
“Legacy gifts can be designated for various purposes. We chose to designate this gift to enhance an existing scholarship fund intended to encourage vocational nurses returning for additional education. Nurses returning for the BSN and beyond gain additional nursing knowledge to enhance their ability to provide excellent care. In addition, they gain access to career advancement. 
“It’s natural that change would occur as society changes. However, the thing that I believe has not changed, and which is most important to me is that nursing relies on a foundation of caring for other humans, not as a byproduct of our professional knowledge and skill, but as the core of our purpose. The educational programs that are the best ones in nursing are those that enhance the aspect of character in their students, enlarge upon and embellish that caring spirit with knowledge and skill.
“My time at the School of Nursing, both as dean and later as professor, was filled with daily opportunities to learn and see the result of our work. I was fortunate to work with students, staff and faculty in both the School of Nursing and the rest of TTUHSC who were supportive,” Jones said. “I would like to encourage others to consider creating legacy gifts to the School of Nursing if they feel that the school has been important to their professional and/or personal development.”
“Legacy giving is a way to demonstrate gratitude in a way that benefits others.”

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