9 Ways to Make the Most Out of TTUHSC Graduation


 Graduation marks the end and a beginning of a new era. As each student embarks on a new journey, graduation is a time to reflect on the growth, accomplishments and experience students gain while at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). Each student has so many unique experiences, which marks graduation as one of the most significant and unforgettable milestones.


As you get ready for graduation, we want to help your day be as memorable as possible! Follow these tips to make the most out of your graduation day:

1. Get a picture with the seal.

photo in front of the seal

TTUHSC has iconic locations that are perfect for graduation photos. Take a photo in front of the TTUHSC seal or the main TTUHSC stairs highlighting our mission for “Your Life, Our Purpose.” These locations always provide some of the best photos.  

2. Take a “Guns Up” picture.


You can’t be a true Red Raider graduate without sporting your "guns up." This long-standing tradition has been used by Texas Tech since 1961 and is one of our favorite poses for pictures.

3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.  


We’re a health care institution, you knew we’d say it. Make sure you are well hydrated. With lots of standing, pictures and chaos throughout graduation day, water is essential to a smooth day where you feel your best.  

4. Get a picture doing something you love in your cap & gown.  


Highlight your culture, where you’re from, or your favorite things about yourself in your graduation photos. Whether you like golfing, eating famous Texas barbeque or simply reading a book—simple things can make your pictures more personalized and memorable.

5. Catch a selfie with your school dean.


Our school deans, professors and advisors invest so much in your growth and success. Make graduation day extra fun by catching a photo with your dean or mentor.

6. Break your shoes in.


We’re all about looking your best for graduation day and wearing nice shoes, but make sure you feel comfortable walking. Walking across the stage to accept your diploma is no easy task when you don't feel comfortable in your shoes.

7. Take a photo with the people who helped you get there.


Reflect on the people who helped you get to this point and let them know of their positive impact. Graduating is a major accomplishment, and so many friends, family and mentors helped get you to this point.

8. Take pictures with the friends you’ve made.


The learning environment brings a special bond of friendship that you will never lose. Take a photo with classmates and friends—you’ll always look back on the networks and friendships you have made.

9. Live it up and enjoy the moment.


This day celebrates your accomplishments with your degree and how hard you worked. Give yourself a fist bump and remember that hard work comes with great rewards.

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