Vaccinations: Homework for Parents

We all know that kids come with some required vaccinations.


But whose job is it to keep up with that?


Yes, your pediatrician keeps track of the kind of shots that are needed and when they are given to your child, but it's not the doctors job to make sure you get them.


Instead, you could call it summer homework for the parents.


Dr. Richard Lampe, chairman of Pediatrics at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center says, “The school keeps track of that because they're not going to admit those children unless they meet those requirements. So it's a state law to have certain immunizations or your child will not be allowed to attend school.”


Dr. Lampe adds don't assume that the school will take care of vision and hearing tests.


He says that's why kids need annual exams up until age 6, then, an exam every several years after that to catch any vision, hearing or growth problems early.”


Also, he suggests parents turn to their pediatrician when there are concerns about a child’s performance in school.


He says, "If grades drop in school, talk to your pediatrician. There’s always an explanation. It starts with a good physical. Trust your health provider to help get that kid back on track."

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