Making a Difference: The Free Clinic Extraordinary Volunteers


“I immediately fell in love with the services and the care provided to those who have no other option. I felt a sense of purpose every time I stepped through the doors. The Free Clinic gave me autonomy and the space to learn. It gave me a chance to have a real impact on the lives of my patients. It gave me a chance to address not only medical issues, but social issues as well. I have helped patients get expensive medications delivered to their homes. I have found homeless patients a place to stay for the night. I helped patients get on the path to become insured for a surgery they needed. I have developed all these skills in such safe space, and I have been able to achieve all of this in medical school. This is an amazing opportunity that we have at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and I think it adds so much value to the Lubbock community.” 

Suzanne Alkul is from Lubbock and graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in biochemistry. A fourth-year medical student, Alkul has volunteered for The Free Clinic for four years and now is applying for a dermatology residency.



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