Our HSC Provides Bottle Fillers in Amarillo

Water Fountain and Bottle FillerAs the Our HSC campaign reaches its one-year anniversary at TTUHSC-Amarillo, the initial fruits of the employee-funded giving initiative have provided four water bottle refill stations recently installed across the campus.

The bottle fillers have been installed atop the water fountains on the fourth floor of the School of Medicine/Health Professions building; near the auditorium in the main School of Pharmacy building; atop the water fountain in the main hallway of the Amarillo Research Building; and next to the restrooms adjacent to the library of the Wallace Boulevard building.

“The water stations are a great addition to the existing water fountains on campus because they help to provide clean, filtered water for all faculty, staff, students and patients of TTUSHC Amarillo,” Development Officer Jaclyn Inkhamheng said. “Each water station cost around $450.”

Our HSC is a giving campaign that provides employees the opportunity to make contributions toward enhancing TTUHSC facilities, development programs and more. The initiative began on the Lubbock campus, where grants have been awarded for amenities such as a mobile device charging locker, digital white board and bottle fillers similar to the ones installed in Amarillo.

“The Our HSC employee fund is a great program for the Amarillo campus because it not only provides employees a chance to give back to the campus, but also decide on how those funds will be spent,” Inkhamheng said. “Total control over the funds are in the hands of employees and that is what is so unique about this program.”

During the employee appreciation picnic last month, Our HSC raised more than $5,200 in employee contributions and pledges for its second cycle in Amarillo. The Our HSC Amarillo committee will continue to meet to review grant applications and decide how the fund will be distributed back to employees.

According to Inkhamheng, those wishing to contribute can either pledge a monthly payroll deduction in the amount of their choosing, or make a one-time contribution with cash, check or credit card.

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