Amarillo faculty, staff recognized at annual ceremony

The annual Distinguished Staff and Years of Service Awards presentation to recognize faculty and staff in Amarillo was held July 28.

TTUHSC President Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D., was in Amarillo July 28 for the annual Distinguished Staff and Years of Service Awards presentation to recognize faculty and staff from all TTUHSC schools. The 2017 honorees included: 


Rebecca Young – Chancellor’s Award of Excellence

Debbie Miller – Quality Staff Award

Becky Smith – Quality Staff Award

Dr. Ryan Brewster – Quality Supervisor Award


TTUHSC Amarillo


35 Years

Tom Hale, Ph.D.


30 Years

Mary Aigaki

Karen Cutts, M.D.

Debbie Hermes


25 Years

Paige Denison

Claudia Hagains

Bharat Khandheria, M.D.

Shanna Uhrich


20 Years

Janet Abbott

Kathleen Anderson

Summer Balcer

Connie Childress

Michele Diaz

Rhonda Folkner

Maria Gallardo

Sherry Luedtke, Pharm.D.

Roland Patry, Dr. P.H.

Esther Perkins

Nicole Pruitt

Karen Saunders

Jackie Shafer

James Stoll, Ph.D.

Suzzanne Tenorio

Margaret Thompson

Brenda Whitney


15 Years

Fakhrul Ahsan, Ph.D.

Marie Dunn

Sandra Fuller

Gloria Gonzalez

Mary Hennigh

Paul Hernandez

Heather Holmes-Featherston, M.D.

Mark Hulsey

Suzanne Hunter

Jeannie Jaramillo-Stametz, Pharm.D.

Marjorie Jenkins, M.D.

Dawn Larson

Tammy Latham

Jannette Marek

Sherie McManaman

Jeffrey Miller

Amanda Nolen

Diana Parker

Andrea Parvin

Carol Stashi

Jackie Stewart

J Kirby Sutterfield

Julie Wilson















10 Years

Carlos Alvarez, Pharm.D.

Todd Bell, M.D.

Kathleen Brands

Brenda Brown

Brenda Burns

Dorothy Byrd

Irma Castillo

Julie Castle

Lisa Chastain, Pharm.D.

Shelly LaDon Coleman

Zonghan Dai, Ph.D.

Sandy DelosSantos

Debi DeVaney

Dena Hair

C. Jean Haynes

Blanca Herrera

Pamela Herring

Lawana Hey

JerryKirkland, M.D.

Candyce Lemme

Francisca Lomana

Jamie McCarrell, Pharm.D.

Claudia Meek, Ph.D.

Michael Melkus, Ph.D.

Lisa Miller

Misty Murrack

Holly Rinehart

Janie Rowley

Muhammad Subhani, M.D.

Sara Tenorio

Helen Thorsheim

Paula Zinser


5 Years

Olu Adesanya, M.D.

Gala Beals

Steven Butchart

Luca Cucullo, Ph.D.

Sharon Felts

Carrie Gassett

Marilyn Gossett

Stephen Griffin, M.D.

Patricia Hunter

Roger Kiehl

J'Taun Kinkade

Zijuan Liu

Debbie Matuza

Archana Muthusubramanian

Rose Anna Navarrete

Muhammad, Nazim, M.D.

Cari Neeley

April Norris

Terri Olesen

Mireya Ortegon

Lucy Perez

JiangJiang Qin, Ph.D.

Becky Ramirez

Craig Rhoden

Andrea Satterfield

Evelyn Sbar, M.D.

John Schnatz

Camille Stoddard

Judy Taylor

Timothy Taylor

Judith Thomas, DNP

Shauna Thomas

Misha Tolbert

Whit Walker, M.D.

Amanda Watson

Yong Zhang, M.D.



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