GiRL Power: Bee Smart, Bee Kind, Bee Sweet

GiRL Power AmarilloThe Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health in Amarillo held a busy bee GiRL Power event Oct. 13 featuring Makaila Ulmer, also known as “The Lemonade Girl.” When she was just 9 years old, Ulmer overcame her fear of bees and turned that fear into honey. Using her grandmother’s recipe, Makaila’s lemonade, which is specially made with the honey, is currently marketed through Whole Foods. Mikaila, who is now 11, indirectly shared some parenting tips for the adults. She also used her narrative of trial and error to describe to her peers how she found the right recipe for success.

GiRL Power is a multi-campus event aimed at pre-teen girls and their mothers, coaches or guardians in our Amarillo, Corpus Christi and San Angelo communities. The institute brings in relevant speakers to share ideas and stories on self-esteem, goal setting and anti-bullying programs. Separate breakout sessions for girls and parents focus on topics like bullying, nutrition, internet safety and communication.

GiRL Power Amarillo

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