Excelling Nationally

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Medicine proved hard works pays off after being recognized by GraduatePrograms.com and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) with national rankings.

In a national survey, both current and former medical school students ranked the best medical schools across the country. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Medicine was ranked third nationally by GraduatePrograms.com. With a rank of 9.01 out of 10, TTUHSC School of Medicine was just 0.12 points behind the top ranking school, Ohio State University.

Nathan Anderson, second-year TTUHSC medical student from Salt Lake City Utah, said he completely agrees with the high ranking.

“I came to the TTUHSC School of Medicine because the people made me feel so comfortable and I loved the curriculum,” Anderson said. “I knew I could succeed and excel with the way the curriculum was set up. But the most important thing I didn’t expect was the wonderful faculty support we receive. They provide a mentorship and want you to succeed.”

According to GraduatePrograms.com, 15 ranking categories were listed for graduate programs at each university. Rankings cover a variety of student topics, such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid and quality of network.

Additionally, the School of Medicine ranked 14th nationally for its family medicine program, according to the AAFP. The Family Medicine Accelerated Track (FMAT) program allows primary care students to complete their degree in three years at about half of the cost of the standard four-year program. The program was the first-of-its-kind three-year program in the country.

Steven Berk, M.D., TTUHSC executive vice president, provost and School of Medicine dean, said the School of Medicine is committed to changing how medical schools attract and educate future family medicine doctors.

“The family physician is the one most likely to meet the health care needs of rural Texas communities, but there will also be a shortage of primary care physicians throughout the State of Texas,” Berk said. “Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine takes pride in being among the top 20 medical schools in its percentage of students choosing a career in family medicine.”

TTUHSC is committed to providing next-level education for students. Through recognition by programs such as GraduatePrograms.com and AAFP, the School of Medicine continues to show innovation to service our students.

Story produced by the Office of Communications and Marketing, (806) 743-2143.