A Collective Voice for Students

2013-2014 SGA Officers (from left) Rine, Edwards, Atkins and Gore.

2013-2014 SGA Officers (from left) Rine, Edwards, Atkins and Gore.

Serving as a collective voice for the students at TTUHSC, the Student Government Association officers hope to accomplish numerous goals for the New Year.

Hunter Atkins, third-year medical student and SGA president, said technology will be at the forefront.

“We hope to implement numerous things that will better the educational process for our students throughout the year,” Atkins said. “With many of these projects we are catching up to the curve of other schools and with others improving on what we have in place.”

Some projects include:

  • A wireless printing system printer bay that allows students to print from wherever they are
  • A media site that will record lectures on Internet for students
  • Improving police department video surveillance
  • Implementing the new SGA Tech Messages, an opt-in system for students to receive notifications via text message, email or phone calls

Dalan Gore, SGA vice president of communications, said with the SGA Tech Messages, the SGA worked closely with the departments of Student Services and Information Technology to provide TTUHSC students access to information through several multimedia avenues.

“The concept behind the project was to establish lines of communication by accessing what students already use,” Gore said. “In other words, we wanted a way for students to receive messages directly to their cell phones or tablet devices. Students can receive information for campus wide events. Be one of the first to know about scholarship opportunities, free lunches, interprofessional activities and information from your SGA.”

While regional senators have been key in the SGA, Hunter said this year there was clarification of the election process for regional senators and a more defined role written into the SGA constitution.

“We want our regional campuses to feel a part of TTUHSC,” Hunter said. “One of our overall goals is to increase campus moral with all students and for all students to feel like they are involved in the university.”

Both Atkins and Gore say to look for more information of other events sponsored by the SGA like the welcome back events, Constitution Day, Leadership Summit and the Organization Fair.

TTUHSC SGA Officers for 2013-2014 include: