Students Show Kids They're Born to Ride

SPAN provides a valuable support network for West Texas families affected by autism.

SPAN provides a valuable support network for West Texas families affected by autism.

The School of Allied Health Sciences’ South Plains Autism Network (SPAN) at the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic recently celebrated the start of the school year with a bike rodeo.

At the event, students from the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences collaborated with occupational therapy and exercise and sports sciences students to provide activities for children in the SPAN program while their parents attended an informative meeting.

The students used instructional tips from Bike New York’s program to help children in SPAN learn to ride bicycles or tricycles.

SPAN provides critical services and a support network for West Texas families who have children with autism. Although there is no known cure for autism, studies show that early diagnosis and intervention lead to vastly improved outcomes. SPAN professionals assist families with early diagnosis, treatment and support through educational seminars, group support meetings, a loaner library, and help navigating community resources.


Check out more pictures from the bike rodeo on Flickr.

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