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Getting to Zero: Researchers Search for Answers to AIDS

Worldwide recognition brings to light understanding and treatment options for health care providers and those infected with the disease.

'Tis the Season to Be... Melancholy?

Do the holidays have you in a slump? You're not alone.

A Blessing in Disguise

The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine welcomes displaced students from Puerto Rico.

Don't Be A Turkey: Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Focus more on quality time with family and friends and less on food to avoid holiday weight gain.

Clinical Simulation Drill to Promote Teamwork

Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait

Prematurity, the number one killer of newborns, affects 13 million babies worldwide each year.

Your Partner in Health: Karen Esquibel

The School of Nursing honors its nurse practitioner alumni through personal stories.

Don't Let Your Health Go Up in Smoke

An estimated 440,000 Americans will die this year from tobacco related illnesses.

Odessa Gets Real With New Simulation Center

Students will soon have the opportunity to get real world training in an educational setting thanks to a $1 million gift.