Give Your Kid a Shot Against Preventable Diseases

Give Your Kid a Shot Against Preventable Diseases

As a new school year approaches, so does the need for immunizations.

Written by Steve Pair

Recommended shots help protect children against disease like measles and mumps.

Recommended shots help protect children against disease like measles and mumps.

Parents across the Texas Panhandle are busy gearing up for another school year. In addition to the crayons and paper, Texas Tech Physicians would like to remind parents to make sure their children’s immunizations are current and that they have a copy of their shot records.

Texas law states students will not be allowed to attend school if their immunization records are not presented to the school upon entry and if shots are not current.

“Immunizations help a kid’s immune system fight a large number of diseases,” said Todd Bell, M.D., chairman of the Department of Pediatrics in Amarillo.

The recommended shots protect children against a variety of diseases, like pertussis, measles and mumps.

“Texas has had a very active year for whooping cough, which could be because too many people opt not to get these immunizations,” Bell said. “The bottom line is immunizations are safe and help protect children and keep them healthy.”

While there are no changes in the immunizations needed this year, a change in the law could impact some people. According to a letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services, children who have private, commercial insurance which covers vaccines are no longer eligible for the Texas Vaccines for Children Program and will be referred to a physician’s office.

August is recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month and highlights the need for all people to check their status and make sure their shots are current.

“There are some immunizations that adults need as well,” Bell added. “The more people are protected, the less risk we all have of being exposed to some very harmful diseases.”

Texas Tech Physicians accepts all types of insurance and can provide shots for a cost if needed.


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