Students Clean Up at Texas Nursing Students’ Association State Convention

Students Clean Up at Texas Nursing Students’ Association State Convention

The organization promotes professionalism and leadership for today's nursing students.

Written by Beth Phillips

TNSA represents more than 3,000 student nurses from throughout the state.

TNSA represents more than 3,000 student nurses from throughout the state.

School of Nursing students recently attended the Texas Nursing Students’ Association (TNSA) State Convention in San Antonio. The TTUHSC TNSA Chapter took home several significant awards.

Image of Nursing Award

The Dipes & Wipes Drive earned the Image of Nursing Award for promoting a positive image of nursing and demonstrating a significant contribution to the public and/or community.

“TTUHSC nursing students learned the most desired service needed was the donation of diapers and wipes,” said TNSA Chapter President Shikha Narang. “Originally TTUHSC School of Nursing students would donate diapers and wipes to the Stork’s Nest every year as part of a requirement for the community course. This requirement was taken out of the class due to revision of the course. The TTUHSC TNSA Chapter felt the need to continue to support this organization. As future health care professionals, the Texas Tech TNSA chapter thrives on educating and serving all areas of our community.”

Thirty students who organized the project collected two carloads of donated diapers and baby wipes for the Stork’s Nest, an organization that promotes prenatal care by providing free services to underserved expectant mothers in Lubbock.

Faculty of the Year

Instructor Kyle Newton, R.N., MSN, CCRN, received the TNSA Faculty of the Year Award for exemplifying the qualities of an outstanding professor – always effectively communicating ideas and concepts with his students and staying available not only during school and clinical hours, but also at home.

Newton spent much of his spare time participating in community service projects including the Diabetes Walk and local TNSA functions including Dinner with the Dean and School of Nursing orientation.

“I have been Mr. Newton’s student over the past year and a half and he has not only served as a professor, but an outstanding role model,” Narang said. “His commitment and dedication to his students and his profession is commendable. His knowledge of and enthusiasm for nursing is evident to his students and in turn, contagious.”

Student of the Year

Senior nursing student Adrian Mulig was named TNSA Student of the Year for her enthusiastic participation in community service, fundraising and dedication to helping future nurses.

Mulig has been an active member of TNSA and the Lubbock chapter for two years, working with organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Ronald McDonald House. She has worked on local fundraising projects including the Lubbock Diabetes Walk, the Stork’s Nest Donation Drive and the SaveMyHeart Challenge.

“Adrian exudes leadership, commitment and passion in her role as a student nurse within the Lubbock community,” said Julie Pyle, TNSA programs and projects director. “She is dedicated to SaveMyHeart Challenge, a project to improve the community’s coordination efforts of reducing cardiac-related deaths.”

Mulig went well beyond her role as TNSA pre-nursing liaison. She organized a pancake fundraiser to promote community awareness of automated external devices. She has also coordinated with many TTUHSC schools to promote the project and continue its success.

Based on her academic performance, Mulig was asked to tutor her nursing school peers. She also traveled with other nursing, medical and allied health sciences students to Jinotega, Nicaragua to provide fundamental health care and education.

“Her passion to help and educate students and the community exemplifies the attitudes and behaviors desired in all future health care professionals,” Pyle said.


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